We are coming to you for the calling | The CEO Program Open Day for Milkyway-CEIBS MBA Starts!


只为社会更安全 供应链更高效



25-year hard work and perseverance

for a safer society and a more efficient supply chain.

Build to last. Calling of duty.

Milkyway starts the journey of searching for successors……



Starting Point: China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)



In the afternoon of March 21st2023, 25 students and teachers of CEIBS came and visited Milkyway to attend the half-day Open Day activity.

① 战略与未来Strategy and Future


Mr.AndyCHEN, the founder and chairman of Milkyway introduced corporate business, future development and strategy to all guests. With 25 years of hard work and perseverance in the chemical supply chain and new energy field, Milkyway always insists on the input of security and scientific and technological innovation and is determined to be the serene alp of the global chemical new energy supply chain industry!


② CEO计划CEO Program


Milkyway Director and Vice President Ms. Huiya DING elaborately introduced the CEO Program and group training system for everyone present and communicated face-to-face with each other. Later, there was also an on-site Q&A session with topics around many concerned issues such as business growth, industry strategies, specific implementation plans of the CEO program, etc.


③ 现场参访On-site Visit


The first stop of the Open Day was Milkyway’s headquarter located at Jinqiao Pudong New Area, Shanghai. At the exhibition hall on the first floor, students and teachers directly learned about Milkyway’s corporate business, security management and scientific and technological innovation.



Regarding the second stop, they came to the supply chain integrated logistics base at Nanhui and paid a site visit to Milkyway’s self-built professional hazardous chemical warehouse and operation areas of tank containers.



Believe due to affection. We spend our entire life practicing missions and making unremitting endeavors to achieve the serene alp of the global chemical new energy supply chain industry!


Looking forward to having you join us. We are here waiting for you!


An Introduction to the Milkyway Management Trainee (CEO Program) Project


The CEO Program is an important part of Milkyway’s talent development strategy and plans to recruit highly mannered and competent MTs from major universities in Shanghai. All recruited MTs will be mainly guided and led by the founder and chairman Mr. AndyCHEN, together with the members of group directors and supervisors core level as well as the general managers of operating BUs. A series of work shifts, projects, comprehensive training and potential development practices will be provided for the MTs which can help them make rapid progress, be qualified for taking vital responsibilities at the management layer and eventually take up the CEO positions in the near future.


Milkyway Group will successively carry out Open Day activities with many other Chinese universities including Fudan University, East China University of Science and Technology, Tongji University, etc. We believe “The best thing in the world is to create a great, rather than join a great!”



If you are interested in joining the CEO Program, please feel free to send your resume to the email address:cindy@mwclg.com.

结束后,中欧的老师说“这是今年以来 MBA2023二年级同学评价最高的一次公司外访活动”,同学们的反馈很赞:

At the end of the Open Day, the teacher of CEIBS said “It was the best company visit activity for the sophomore students of 2023 MBA this year”. Let’s see some of the great feedback received from the students present:


I have never seen such a large storage base with my eyes before, let alone a hazardous chemical storage base which shocked me! It was much more down-to-earth and interesting than working in offices, drawing PPTs on paper and designing company strategies.

2)过往,一直把MBA毕业后的目标定位于看上去更光鲜的大型外资公司,但听了 Milkyway的分享并实地参访,打开了思路和眼界-像Milkyway这样特别有激情、有想法、有愿景的民营广州SEO的企业,也可以是个人长远职业发展的目标广州SEO的企业。

My goal upon graduating with MBA had always been to enter a large foreign company that looks more glamorous. After visiting and learning more about Milkyway, I opened my mind and broadened my vision. Private companies such as Milkyway with great passion, ideas and vision can also be a target company for my long-term career development.


I felt very moved by Chairman Mr. CHEN’s vision and thoughts about the company’s development history and segmentation tracks. Ms. Huiya DING, the Vice President in charge of human resource brought a detailed introduction to hiring needs, which also enabled us to evaluate the individual ability model carefully and to think about how to show our uniqueness.